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Dr.sc. Srećko Favro dipl.ing using the competency given to him by his vocation of Permanent Sworn Court Surveyor and Assessor for Naval Traffic (entitled in 2000), besides cooperation with Croatian justice department, he is partner with foreign insurance companies on jobs:

  • Custom clearance and port formalities arrangement
  • Purchase of certificates and yacht documents
  • Registration and de-registratio
  • Receipt and delivery of your mails and packages
  • Insurance

As the confirmation of his competence dr.sc. Srećko Favro dipl.ing was accepted to IIMS „International Institute of Marine Surveying“ in 2005.

As a part of company ADRIATIC EXPERT for Business consultancy and surveying dr.sc.Srećko Favro dipl.ing is formed a team of experienced naval experts MCT (Maritime Consulting Team) as a network of associates – inspectors/surveyors along the entire Adriatic coast to provide complete maritime consulting service.

We are inviting you to visit our web pages www.adriatic-expert.hr and find out more about everything.

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