Business Consulting

At MMS, our business is to improve your business through our knowledge and expertise in the marina industry. The MMS team of specialists is capable of taking a marina project from conceptualization or acquisition into ongoing operations management. We accomplish this through one of the following programs.


Marina Feasibility Studies And Valuations

Whether valuing a proposed marina or existing facility, MMS’s assessment of the property gives the owner a clear and concise picture on how to maximize profits with a minimum amount of investment.


As stand-alone services, MMS will provide Market Demographics Studies and Financial Modeling. Our Market Demographic Studies combines our proprietary lifestyle database with current national demographic data and determines the depth and type of boating interest in a specific market area. While our Financial Modeling uses a database of actual marina operating history to establish guidelines the model is site-specific, and provides the most accurate picture of the profit potential of a marina. The power behind the Financial Modeling is a detailed assumption and building block configuration allowing the model to easily perform a variety of “what if” scenarios.


Operations Management Evaluations

Our Operations Management Evaluations address the four key elements required to successfully manage a marina, regardless of size or location. They are:


Our program offers a specific review or a comprehensive operational assesments involving all facets of the business depending upon your needs.


MMS believes that no two marinas or their customer base is exactly the same. We know, however, that common elements do exist among marinas, and that we can successfully draw from our vast knowledge and experiences of the industry to tailor a program for your marina.



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Development of the Tourist Marina Network on Croatian Islands

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