Accident Assessment

We have represented Underwriters and owners for a very wide range of insurance claims. These have included sinking, stranding, dismasting, mechanical breakdown, fire, arson, theft, personal injury, third party damage, flooding whilst in storage, latent defect, warranty claims, product liability, and heavy weather damage.

On today’s competitive market, you demand quality repair services at minimum cost.
In all Adriatic ports, within the short time we can find appropriate shiprepair yard suitable for the range of planned tasks. In addition, we can supervise the repairs to ensure quality and efficient services.

Our company can also arrange voyage repair services in Adriatic to undertake a complete range of repair, overhaul and/or maintenance work.

We can take care of project management and supervision of new buildings, ship’s conversions and/or drydockings. Our project managers and surveyors will closely cooperate with you to understand your specifications, priorities and budget constrains.

We advise owners to check the vessel themselves before the survey. Check through hull fittings, hoses, hose clamps, expiry date on safety equipment etc. The vessel should be presented for survey in a clean condition with the ships papers and miscellaneous equipment ready for inspection. If the lockers are full of equipment, you will be asked to empty lockers. The surveyor may also ask you to provide some minor dismantling of some areas, for example access to chain plates.

We encourage prospective buyers to be present at the survey. It is our opinion that the purchase survey should be both in and out of the water. You will need to arrange to haul at a boat yard. Most yards offer a survey haul, when the vessel is kept in the slings over the lunch period which saves the cost of chocking etc. If the owner is not present during the survey you will need to arrange for a skipper to move the vessel for the haul. A short sea trial can usually be carried out after the haul. After the survey has been completed, the surveyor will verbally discuss the details with the buyer.

Damage Surveys

The mandator for a damage survey is normally the yacht insurer. If you sustain a damage on your yacht, first do as much as necessary to avoid further damage, then inform your yacht insurer about type and process of damage. If he recommends the intervention of a yacht surveyor, inspect the damage together with him and a representative of the proposed repair company.

Volume and method of the repair have to be determined and arranged. Repair company and yacht surveyor then calculate the repair costs independently from each other. If both get close to the same result, normally the estimate of the repair company will be accepted. Should this be essentially higher as calculated by the surveyor, estimates of other repair companies will have to be obtained.

Principally there is only a contractual relationship between yacht owner (insurant) and insurer, and another one between yacht owner (customer) and repair company. Consequently the yacht owner has to organize and control the repair himself. If the repair of your yacht will be carried out abroad and you cannot take care about it yourself, respectively have no representative at site, inform your yacht insurer about that. He can provide you valuable help, e.g. by commissioning the yacht surveyor with the organisation and control of the repair.

Repair- and Refitmanagement

If you want to repair or refit your yacht in Adriatic you have certainly chosen the right place. For extensive works it always compensates to obtain estimates from different companies though, because differences in repair costs can amount up to 100 % and more. Check accurately the relation between offered quality and price, and define your repair or refit order as detailed as possible and in writing. If you are not a technician yourself you should commission a yacht surveyor with the planning of the work, checking the estimates and quality controls. The costs for this will amortize in any case.

When carrying out conversions, changing the ships weight, the rig, the lateral plane or the center of gravity it is strongly recommendable to commission a qualified yacht surveyor with the corresponding stability-, solidity-, trim- or lateral calculations. Stability, solidity and navigation attributes could be influenced negatively, which affects the operational safety of your yacht.

Adriatic Expert with its professional knowledge is at your disposal in any required range.

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