2nd Conference on Destination Management in the Mediterranean

2nd Conference on Destination Management in the Mediterranean– The World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) and the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism of Montenegro hold the 2nd Conference on Destination Management in the Mediterranean in Budva, Montenegro (22-24 June 2015). The conference aims at: creating a platform for Mediterranean destinations and all the relevant partners for dialogue on the current and potential challenges/opportunities facing the region’s tourism competitiveness, enabling participants to acquire an overview of the current tourism policies and strategies and to discover how to build synergies for co-petition in the region and exploring ways to develop and implement a quality oriented approach to … Continue reading –>

Adriatic Sea Forum

Adriatic Sea Forum – The 2nd edition of the Adriatic Sea Forum closed after two days of meetings and debates with a general feeling of optimism about the possibilities to achieve greater and better results for maritime tourism in the area. In Dubrovnik representatives of EU, national and regional governments as well as the ones of international associations and private companies agreed upon the opportunities to work together producing common efforts in order to give the Adriatic the right place among the worldwide most renown tourist destinations. Where single countries and companies may not arrive, shared actions with adequate investments, supported … Continue reading –>

Cruising Association

The Cruising Association is Britain’s leading organisation for cruising sailors. With more than 4000 members across the globe, we provide services, information, help and advice to sailors worldwide. Founded in 1908 to meet the needs of cruising sailors, the CA has been a home to many of the great names in sailing. It publishes an almanac which covers the whole of the British Isles and Atlantic seaboard of Europe and has local representatives all over the world.If you would like help or advice please  contact theHonorary Local Representative for this areaMr Srećko Favro PhD, MMarEng.

Visit Montenegro

During the month of  April Mr. Srećko Favro  lectured at the Maritime Faculty in Kotor and he visited also  the marina Portomontenegro.