Adriatic Sea Forum, thanks to its widely appreciated formula, is a crucial meeting point for all players with interests in the cruise, ferry and nautical areas and more generally in the tourism and maritime sectors,who operate partly or exclusively in the Adriatic. Since 2013, the forum has made an important contribution to sharing ideas and facilitating the development of new projects, as well as launching strategies, businesses and proposals.

Dennis Conner

DENNIS CONNER, an American Yachtsman From the day of Dennis’s birth in San Diego California on September 16, 1942, his whole life has revolved around the water. He was born just one block from the San Diego yacht club and his father, a fisherman, was based just two blocks away. He began sailing at a very young age. He was a likable youngster, which gained him the fortune of being mentored by many of the local yachting heroes. He sailed in his free time and attended public schools. Dennis went on to study at San Diego State University. Dennis is … Continue reading –>

London 13.01.2018.

13.01.2018. was a meeting of Honorary local representatives in Cruising association. CA members, backed up by a small team of dedicated staff, share experiences, knowledge, and fun to get the most out of cruising. During this visit to London we also visited the London Boat show 2018.

Practical courses from the Yacht and Marina Technology in Marina Porto Montenegro in Tivat

As part of the practical teaching of the Maritime Faculty of Kotor, in the presence of the teacher prof. Dr. Srećko Favro and associate in the teaching Mrs. Msc Maja Škurić, were organized practical  courses from the Yacht and Marina Technology in Marina Porto Montenegro in Tivat. The student was hosted by the marine manager Mr. Roddy Blair , who explained them the work and concept of the marine. Also it was organized visit to Nautical Museum and diesel-electric submarine P-821st.