Contemporary Trends in Tourism and Hospitality 2015

CTTH 2015– is an international conference regarding research in tourism, leisure, hotel management etc. which was held in Novi Sad, Serbia (9th-10th of July 2015.) The scientific meeting comprised the following topics: contemporary tendencies in tourism, sustainable tourism development, cultural tourism, economical aspects of tourism and leisure, marketing and management, specific forms of tourism and many others. Mr. Srećko Favro PhD was representing Department of National Economy and University of Split (Faculty of Economics Split, Croatia) and has presented  research of Mrs. Helena Ćosić based on motivation, behavior and human resources in tourism. In this paper, the attention is paid to the … Continue reading –>

2nd Conference on Destination Management in the Mediterranean

2nd Conference on Destination Management in the Mediterranean– The World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) and the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism of Montenegro hold the 2nd Conference on Destination Management in the Mediterranean in Budva, Montenegro (22-24 June 2015). The conference aims at: creating a platform for Mediterranean destinations and all the relevant partners for dialogue on the current and potential challenges/opportunities facing the region’s tourism competitiveness, enabling participants to acquire an overview of the current tourism policies and strategies and to discover how to build synergies for co-petition in the region and exploring ways to develop and implement a quality oriented approach to … Continue reading –>